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[Locked to Babel]

Do you want to get pastries with me sometime?

[Phone call to Arlin]

[This phone call occurs at about 5 am the day the firstborn return]

My phone works again.  You're back right?  I could feel the people returning as I was falling asleep last night.  

[Locked to Aaron (she means Arlin)]

[backdated to Day 10 (Death of the Firstborn)]

Are you there?   The plague didn't get you, did it?

I'm worried.

[Locked to Aaron (she means Arlin)]

[Backdated to late in the day on the Plague of Darkness]

Jason Randall is apparently immortal.  Well, at least he claims so.  And he seems to have recovered from my assassination and his mind feeling is still the same instead of changing like that one woman.

The Bible didn't say anything about monsters during the Plague of Darkness.  I hurt.  But I'll get better soon.  I heal quickly.


[Backdated to day 7 (Firey hail day)]
[Rectroactively locked to Aaron (she means Arlin) and Aniki]

I tried to read about the plagues like you said, Aaron, but
they never said anything about

[locked to Aron (she means Arlin)]

[Backdated to October 31 (Boils day)]

There's some sort of skin disease.  They were all full of pus and they popped and now they're leaking fluid.  I don't like doctors because they always cut me up but I don't know how else to get fixed.

Are you all right? I haven't heard from you all week.   I'm  [a weird space here] worried.  That's the right word, right?

[Locked to Aron (she means Arlin)]

[Backdated to Day 5 (Shapeshifter day)]

Are the plagues over? I didn't see anything all day.  But my phone still doesn't work.  I don't know how to find Duncan to talk to him.   I don't remember where his office is.  And I can't get any money out of the A T M so I can buy food.  Food is really expensive too now.  Everything is so expensive now.

[Multiple locks]

[Backdated to Day 4 (Monster day)]

[Locked to Aron (she means Arlin)]

So many monsters today.  Ace and I had good hunting.  I have my journal in case you need me but I haven't heard anything.   I was careful today to not get hurt like the last time.    The monsters make good practice for shooting because they move instead of staying still like the targets at the range.

I want to get a new phone so you can call me if you need me because I have been checking the journals lots but I can't do it all the time.  Who do I talk to at HQ?


[Locked to Ace and Dev]

Good hunting today.  If you want to do it again sometime I think it is good training. 

[Locked to Aron (she means Arlin)]

[Backdated to Day 3 (Fly/Gnat day)]

[There are a multitude of bug splatters on the page.]

Phone still not working.  Don't know what to do. Is it broken? Where do I get a new one?  I am taking my journal everywhere if you need me.

I still don't understand what is going on.